Junior Investigator Awards

ILCA 2019 / Junior Investigator Awards

ILCA will recognise extraordinary achievements

ILCA will recognise extraordinary achievements in liver cancer research across disciplines and support the professional development of four junior investigators in training. The award will be given for novel and significant liver cancer research across the fields of basic cancer research; translational cancer research; cancer diagnosis; the prevention of cancer; or cancer patients treatment.

The investigators who submits the best clinical oral and best poster presentations and the best basic-translational oral and best poster presentations will be recognised during the 13th ILCA Annual Conference. The investigators will also be invited to take part in the Young Investigator Session on Thursday, 19 September.

Eligible for the Junior Investigator Awards are:

  • Those who submit the best scoring clinical abstracts
  • Those who submit the best basic research abstract
  • Under 35 years of age

The 4 award recipients – 2 clinical and 2 basic researchers – will be granted a complimentary one year ILCA membership, a free ILCA 2019 conference registration, and a € 1500 honorarium to further their medical training and research. Junior Investigator Awards recipients must attend the conference in order to receive their honorarium.

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