Abstract Submission

ILCA 2019 / Abstract Submission

Please note that abstract submission is now closed.

ILCA sincerely thanks everyone around the world who have submitted an abstract or a late breaking abstract for ILCA 2019.

e-Posters and Paper posters

e-Posters have replaced the printed posters at the conference. Authors will have the opportunity to submit an electronic version of their poster, or prepare a number of slides, which will be displayed on touch screens in the poster area.

A specific Poster Viewing Tour will be held on Saturday, 21 September from 09:45 to 10:45 and will be partly focusing on 30 top-scored abstracts, which will be shown as e-Poster as well as on a static panel as paper board poster. This tour will be opened by one of the ILCA prominent scientists.

e-Poster/Paper poster presenters will receive an email with instructions on where and how to submit their e-Poster/Paper poster presentation following acceptance of their abstract.

e-Poster Presenters

Please upload your e-Poster onto the ILCA 2019 e-Poster Platform by clicking here until Friday, 6 September close of business. Please read the e-Poster Guidelines  for more information on how to submit your e-Poster. In addition, please download and use the e-Poster official template. Only posters in this format will be accepted.

Oral Communications

A number of abstracts have been selected to be presented as an Oral Communication in a General Session. Each Oral Communication consists of a 10-minute presentation plus 5 minutes Q&A for each presenter.

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